With the exciting new influx of conferences and events happening in Germany, but particularly throughout Berlin, businesses of any size want to distinguish themselves when they present a stand at an event. Stand designers in Berlin understand the importance of a concise, yet attention-grabbing presentation, catching a meandering eye of participants at an event. But to attain funding, they must not only put themselves in position to, but also seal the deal.

Here are some of the ways a stand company can show possible investors that they will be successful in highlighting their client’s platforms.

Have a rigid knowledge of the market research

Research from specialists in relevant fields often make their information available, but suppliers, exhibitors, and organizers alike also offer insight into how stand companies can apply their knowledge to their approach. Market researchers are aware of the fact, for example, that the average attendee at a conference will turn right when first entering the display room and pay less attention to the first few exhibits they see, knowing there are many more to come. This type of information can be leveraged to have continued success producing and marketing stands to any particular need.

A firm grasp on market research can be the backbone to a meaningful, convincing pitch in potential funding opportunities. It shows investors a rich level of detail-oriented design thinking.

Be able to showcase a diverse portfolio

Having a strong, proven track record of delivering professional stands to satisfied clients will demonstrate an ability to maintain that same output in the future. An exceptional stand company will be able to present a variety of different stand solutions from projects in the past.

Companies can require a different approach to their stands depending on their notoriety, their advertising strategy, and their size and outreach, among other things. Both old and new companies should be able to flourish under a stand company that can produce the appropriate information and design savviness onto a display.

Networking with investors

Network with possible angel investors and venture capital executives

Angel investors, as well as high-ups in venture capital firms, are highly sought after by any company looking for funding. They are people in positions of power who are always looking to anticipate growth, and preemptively invest in a company that’s on the cusp of growing into something larger. This is why appealing to them can be difficult for a small company, much less establishing a strong enough connection to be able to reach them. However, with consistency and cutting-edge deliverables, you never know who may catch an eye on your exceptional stand at a conference.

Stand designers should always be ready to meet potential investors and VC’s since they host events that, in some cases, investors are likely to attend.

Build an audience for traction and crowdfunding

Digital communication, whether via press coverage or social media engagement, is an invaluable opportunity in generating hype about your company. Conferences where stands are on display will often have their participants posting online about their thoughts and impressions on the conference.

Any sort of buzz generated by these interactions creates an opportunity for crowdfunding, whether its limited to the discussion surrounding the conference, or extended into the surrounding region, or even echoed throughout the entire industry.

Berlin is known for its advancements in design and technology, so in the proper environment a company can quickly garner a positive affinity among the public. When this is the case, people who are familiar and fond of your stand company would like to see it expand, making them willing to become part of your crowdfunding campaign. Successful crowdfunding campaigns have been coordinated through digital platforms as well as real life events.

Business growth

Continue to grow

This may sound like an obvious statement, but it’s instrumental in seeking funding. Always present the best product, have competitive pricing, be available to clients and search for new inventive ways to design a remarkable stand. Berlin is swarming with talented designers and marketers, so a stand company in Berlin must build on experience, yet always stay progressive to stay afloat.