How SBA Loans Work (Infographic)

As a small business owner, you may find at any point in time that your business is strapped for cash. Whether you need to make payroll, purchase inventory, or refinance other debts, there are a handful of financing options that [...]

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Don’t Spend Your Investor’s Money on Any of the Following

There’s a lot that can be said for that moment when your startup finally hits the big time. That moment when investors are lining up to write you a check for more money than you ever thought you’d see in [...]

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Ways to be Ready – and Stay Ready – for Finding Funding for Your Stand Company

With the exciting new influx of conferences and events happening in Germany, but particularly throughout Berlin, businesses of any size want to distinguish themselves when they present a stand at an event. Stand designers in Berlin understand the importance of [...]

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How to Gather the Financial Resources that your Business Needs

There are many things that can be highly-influential of the success of your business – product development, competitive research, target market identification, customer segmentation, and marketing, among other things. However, in the rest of this post, we will focus on [...]

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5 Ways to Fund an Ambitious Online Business Venture

It’s good to be ambitious when it comes to a business venture, but it’s also important to stay realistic in regard to the process. Alongside a good hosting provider and a clear goal, you need money to get yourself off [...]

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5 Point Checklist for Securing VC Funding

As your startup continues to grow, it's inevitable that you'll want to secure venture funding to continue on an upward trajectory with your business. While angels are known for cutting checks up to the $100,000 range, VCs will hand over [...]

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3 Bootstrapping Tips to Quickly Get a New Startup in the Black

Bootstrapping falls somewhere in the top 3 list of most common ways that startups choose to fund their business. While this frugal practice can't possibly guarantee you success in the end, it's certainly a great way to keep an equity [...]

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Unique and Creative Ways to Get Funds for Your Business

If you are trying to run a small business, you have probably already come across a number of different obstacles. Small businesses are hard to get off the ground and even harder to keep running, but they can be extremely [...]

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5 Ways to Secure Working Capital When Investors Say No

Working capital is a sure sign of a company's health. When this particular health marker is low or nil, a company isn't able to keep up with their short term expenses and monthly bills (ie., accounting liquidity). Investors Not Likely [...]

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