What is Bootstrapping, Anyway? (Infographic)

If you’re an entrepreneur or new business owner, you’re probably familiar with the term bootstrapping. To bootstrap is to self-start your business with little money, and without investment from VC firms or taking on debt to fund your business’s expansion. [...]

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4 Funding Lessons from Startups Here and Abroad

Taking a tech startup from 0 to 60 is far from easy. From the most successful companies like Airbnb and Spotify, to Uber and Glossier, it proves that Rome certainly wasn’t built in a day. And if there’s anything to [...]

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How can Traditional Financial Service Providers Respond to Fintech?

Traditional financial service providers had things all their own way for far too long. Banks, insurance providers, credit-card issuers and stock brokerages have all operated in industries where the requirement for substantial fixed assets acted as a significant barrier to [...]

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Ways to be Ready – and Stay Ready – for Finding Funding for Your Stand Company

With the exciting new influx of conferences and events happening in Germany, but particularly throughout Berlin, businesses of any size want to distinguish themselves when they present a stand at an event. Stand designers in Berlin understand the importance of [...]

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How to Get Investors for Your Company Start Up

If you are planning on setting up a new small business, you may wonder about how you are going to finance this start up. Generally speaking, investors have been helping small business owners to get their companies up and running [...]

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How Angel Investors Can Avoid Being Scammed by Startups

There's no shortage of advice out there for angel investors looking to make sound investments in the growing startup space – both inside and outside Silicon Valley. If you're looking for advice on reading balance sheets or performing the most [...]

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Business Loan Application Turned Down? How to Turn a Lender’s NO Into a Resounding YES

As an entrepreneur, you’ve probably experienced plenty of rejection by now. You’re used to hearing the word “no,” but you wouldn't be where you are today if you weren’t persistent in your ventures. Just as you’ve overcome rejection from prospective [...]

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8 Tips to Attract the Right Venture Capital Investors

Finding the right venture capital investors for your business can be a long hard road at the best of times. Just because you think your business has wheels doesn't mean this seasoned group of hardcore investors will. They've seen it [...]

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How to Create a Believable Startup Valuation to Pitch Early Stage Investors With

One of the worst things you, a startup owner, can do is to leave an accurate valuation out of their pitch deck presentation. Nobody, not even your most beloved family member, is going to touch your business with a ten-foot [...]

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The 3 Core Values Behind Any Graceful Exit Strategy

During my time as an entrepreneur, I've had the privilege to talk with several CEOs. One such story I'm often reminded of when it comes to planning and/or executing a graceful exit strategy from a company is a great example [...]

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