Top 10 Online VC Resources for Startups and Investors

If you are looking for information on VC, you often need to surf through the clutter on the Internet.  While you may very well find what you're looking for, it's easy for you to experience information overload.  But no worries, [...]

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Looking for Trustworthy Equity Investors: Consider “Friends and Family First”

Can Friends and family equity funding work for your startup? Yes, absolutely. But be aware - you're treading on thin ice How many times have we all heard “never mix money/business and family” or the same for money/business and friends? [...]

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Impact Investing: What is it and Why Should Startup Founders Care?

Impact investing is a new term that's come into the investment sector less than a decade ago. Few people actually understand what it is, or who it benefits, but it's actually very simple to understand when broken down in simple [...]

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Top 8 Crowdfunding Platforms That Cater to Startups

You've decided that crowdfunding is the best funding fit for your startup. Now what? There are so many crowdfunding platforms to choose from, but not all of them are suitable for you.  So, how to narrow down on your choices? [...]

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5 People Traits Angels Consciously Look For in Their CEOs

People traits matter to angels more than you think. Most angel investors are a very different breed of individual than their money-hungry VC counterparts. A VC will forgive almost any character flaw. They couldn't care less about your education, and [...]

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