A Complete Beginner’s Guide to VC Term Sheets

VC term sheets 101: What a Term Sheet is and What a Term Sheet is Not What are VC term sheets? As explained by Founders Fund, the VC firm started by Peter Thiel, a term sheet is simply a contract [...]

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Expert Q&A on Alternative Business Funding with Min Fang, Co-founder of Harper Partners

When looking for growth capital for your startup or established business, you often need to be more creative these days. While VC funding is great and bank loans are, well, mainstream, those options are often challenging to access. There are [...]

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How to Create a Believable Startup Valuation to Pitch Early Stage Investors With

One of the worst things you, a startup owner, can do is to leave an accurate valuation out of their pitch deck presentation. Nobody, not even your most beloved family member, is going to touch your business with a ten-foot [...]

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The 3 Core Values Behind Any Graceful Exit Strategy

During my time as an entrepreneur, I've had the privilege to talk with several CEOs. One such story I'm often reminded of when it comes to planning and/or executing a graceful exit strategy from a company is a great example [...]

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