As is the case with any business, we at Radium2 Capital get quite a few of the same questions each and every day. It isn’t much of an issue for us, because of course people are going to have questions before securing potential thousands and thousands of dollars for business needs.

With all that being said, answering those common questions now can put some myths to rest that might be circulating the internet out here. Below are the answers to five of our most commonly asked customer questions.

What Capital Options Can You Provide?

Currently, we offer a number of options to fit just about any type of business out there. The first option we have is a merchant account based advance. This is an easy way for business owners to get up to 200% of their monthly credit card sales to help with expenses. Getting this advance requires little documentation, and the process usually takes no longer than three days. It’s one of the fastest ways to get everything moving along.

The other service we provide is a revenue based advance. This advance is a little bit different, as it is based on monthly gross revenue and sales. Approval is slightly faster, as nearly everyone will get their money in 24 hours. Funding is limited to 125% of average gross monthly sales, or less.

What Are the Requirements to Obtain Capital?

The short answer? Not much. We strive to make the entire process extremely easy and pain free for people who are in need of money quickly. As long as there is proof of sales, the process can get started.

A lot of people end up turning to us because other ways to land capital just don’t work the same way. It can sometimes take weeks, or even months to get approved. The chance of being denied is often times higher than one would like. That’s why we simplify the process as much as possible.

What Happens if My Business Has a Slow Season?

With all of our services, we offer very flexible repayment plans. This puts a lot less stress on those business owners who might have success during some parts of the year, but not much during other parts.

Slow season is often inevitable, but one of the benefits of using a merchant account based advance is that money is automatically taken based on a percentage of your sales. If you have a slow day or month, no worries! Other forms of capital require strict repayment systems, where ours is designed to meet your needs and your payment schedule.

How Much Capital Can I Get for My Business?

Right now, there is a pretty wide range as far as capital a business can receive. A lot of factors go into how much money a person or business is approved for. We have provided and quoted people for anywhere from $5000 to $1 million in funding. No matter the amount, it usually just takes a few days for money to be moved to an account.

Are You Reputable?

Since launching, it has been a huge priority for Radium2 Capital to be a trusted company in the business world. If we are not trusted by individuals and businesses, we would simply be unable to stay open.

We have been featured on many lists online, including Money Inc. and, as one of the best places to secure capital for business ventures. Our customer reviews consistently put us at or near the top in our industry. We strive to treat each customer like they are the only customer we have. From communication to general repayment flexibility, our reputation is as strong as ever.

How Can I Get More Insights from Radium2 Capital and Apply Today?

The best way to get started with us is to visit our website at The first step of the process can actually be started today to set up your business for success in the future. Without question, securing capital is a major step when it comes to growing a business, but most of our customers later wonder what took them so long to get started with everything.