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123 William Street, 21st Floor, New York NY 10038

Fundera is a free-to-use marketplace where entrepreneurs and business owners can search and shop for the lowest rates on the best small business loan for their needs. With this marketplace you can view several loan options all at once and then apply to all of your selected lenders with a single application.

In addition to this marketplace, free resources and tools can be found on Fundera’s website. Fundera offers transparent pricing and terms.

Fundera team members

Founded: 2014

Funds provided: $220 million

Focus industries: All industries, with a focus on small business

300 Montgomery Street Suite 638 San Francisco, CA 94104

Their blog and social presence of Granite and its partners (Standish O’Grady, Chris Hollenbeck, Jackie Berterretche) make it a little easier than most venture capital firms to get in touch with. If you’re interested in seeking funding, get to know them by posting on the blog or adding the active partners to your social media. Strike up some insightful conversations, then attempt to make contact via private message, or approach them at an industry or investor trade show – after ensuring your elevator pitch is beyond reproach!

They have 148 current investments in some 81 companies, and have been a part of 6 IPOs and 34 acquisitions. Some of the fascinating products they’ve invested in include HireVue, Smule, Lucidworks, Anaplan, Marqeta, HyTrust, Telltale Games, Hobo Labs, Rewarder, Quantance, and seed stage investments in Motiv and AirPair.

Founded: 1992

Funds raised / currently managed: ~ $1 billion

Focus industries: Infrastructure software, applications, digital media, financial technology and alternative finance products.


3000 Sand Hill Road Building 2, Suite 290 Menlo Park, CA 94025

Redpoint was started back in the late nineties by a group of experienced angel investors and fund managers including John Walecka, Brad Jones, Jeff Brody, Geoff Yang, and Tim Haley. They’ve acquired interests in a number of lucrative and world-changing products since then including 2U, HomeAway, Heroku, Netflix, PureStorage, Twilio and Zendesk.

Redpoint also as an entrepreneur’s incubator program they run which has nuture products like Android, Acompli, Jaunt and Zimbra from inception to early and late growth stages. They operate out of Menlo Park and entertain investments throughout North America and China. Loyalty to the early-stage startups they invest in is evident in their numbers, with over 446 investments in 239 companies. This VC currently boasts some 16 initial public offerings and have acquired over 80 companies to date. They seek out visionary founders with data to back up their vision. Find out where their team will be via their blog, in order to find ways to network into their circle of trust.

Founded: 1999

Funds raised / currently managed: ~3.4 billion

Focus industries: Commercial services, communications and networking, retail, software

Other Offices:

San Francisco

  • Address: 21 South Park, Suite 100, San Francisco, CA 94107


  • Address: 1539 Nanjing Road West, Kerry Center, Tower 2, Suite 1801, Shanghai, China, 200040
  • Phone: +86.21.6288.7757
  • Fax: +86.21.6288.7797


  • Address: 79 Jianguo Road, Hua Mao Center, Tower 2, 9th Floor, Beijing, China, 100025

Sao Paulo

  • Address:  Redpoint e.Ventures, Diamond Tower, Rua Joaquim Floriano, 1120A, cj.92, Itaim Bibi, Sao Paulo – SP 04534-004, Brazil
San Francisco, CA

AngelList was founded back in 2010 by Babak Nivi Naval Ravikant, who also created Venture Hacks. The online service is free membership site that brings investors of all kinds in touch with startup owners seeking seed – series A funds for their business.

There’s so many investors from so many walks of life that it’s hard to imagine not being able to find someone to strike a deal with that can see your vision – if it’s a good one. A number of wealthy investors and fund managers hang out on the site, including many representatives of the companies listed here.

Founded: 2010

Funds raised / currently managed: ~ $400 billion

Focus industries: Multiple industries in the Silicon Valley category of investments.


500 University Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94301

Accel has been around as long as tech giants like Microsoft and Apple. They’ve steadily found ways to invest their money in forward-thinking technologies that help to better mankind. They’re not terribly approachable if you’re the squeamish type without clear direction, but if you have a great idea in the sectors they service, it’s well worth setting up a meeting at one of their offices.

Accel has invested and consulted with all the top technology companies out there today including Facebook, GoFundMe, Dropbox, Flipkart, Braintree, Etsy, Spotify, Slack, Fiverr, Groupon, and a long list of others.

While most of the deal makers on this list do operate internationally, Accel puts themselves right in the forefront with offices in San Francisco, London, and Bangalore.

Founded: 1983

Funds raised / currently managed: ~ $10 billion

Focus industries: Communications and networking, consumer durables, healthcare technology systems, media, software.

Other Office:

San Francisco

  • Address: 2 Jack London AlleySan Francisco, CA 94107
  • Phone: (415) 293-1100
200 Townsend St, San Francisco, California 94107

Lowercase Capital might look small by the numbers, but this boutique VC has a long list of investments and acquisitions on their record. Over 110 investments in 90 companies should tell you their looking to support you right from the seed/startup stage to as far as you and their helpful staff of advisers can take your company.

They also specialize in acquisitions, should you be in the market to sell yours. Lowercase is a network of angels willing to invest private equity in the industries they invest in and if their Old Western-motif website is any indication, they aren’t your typical VC the likes of which are featured on the Shark Tank and other investor television shows. Investments include: AeroFS, Bee Free Honee, Bit.ly, Brightwheel, Crowdrise, Digital Genius, Fanbridge, Handshake, Happy Home Co., Kickstarter, Mobcrush, Next Games, Next Wine, Quirky, Stripe, Textur, and a host of other big brands that have since been acquired by other companies including Instagram and Twitter.

Founded: 2007

Funds raised / currently managed: ~ $33.5 billion

Focus industries: Curated web, advertising, ecommerce.


2128 Sand Hill Road Menlo Park, CA 94025

Founder Vinod Khosla is the head of this company and it would be impossible to list each and every VC venture they’re involved in. The company has minor to major investments in virtually every major money making industry out there including 21, Academia.edu, Foursquare, AppNexus, DoorDash, Fundera, Instacart, Stripe and many others across multiple industries.

They claim their goal is to build great companies and disrupt monopolies wherever possible; not just to post a big ROI from each deal. In order to appeal to the team at Khosla, you must have a big proven concept, lofty goals, and a good plan of attack to move forward. They offer all kinds of support for entrepreneurs, have a massive team to help you along the way, and offer seed stage funding for great ideas backed by an even greater team.

Founded: 2004

Funds raised / currently managed: ~ $800 billion

Focus industries: Consumer, enterprise, education, advertising, financial services, semiconductors, health, big data, agriculture/food, sustainable energy and robotics.


Sequoia Capital logo
2800 Sand Hill Road, Suite 101, Menlo Park, CA 94025

Sequoia Capital has been around for close to 50 years now and was founded by Don Valentine. This VC firm likes to fund early stage startups and will consider doing deals with entrepreneurs who have little experience, and who also have nothing more than a good concept for their investors to consider.

Sequoia Capital team

Early stage startups can’t go wrong with Sequoia, the original investors in global brands like Apple, Cisco Systems, Oracle, Electronic Arts (EA), and Atari. Don and his investment partners have done deals ranging from $1M to $1.8B throughout the years and have shown their loyalty to the startups they invest in.

They recently made a $1.8B dollar investment in the popular social network, Snapchat in May 2016. Other key investments have included: PressPlay, Fenda, Carousell, ZoomCar, Voonik, Cuemath, ClearTax, HealthKart, LawnGuru, and a massive $550M deal with Go-Jek. The firm offers unlimited mentorship help with each deal they ink.

Founded: 1972

Fund raised/currently managed: ~$10 billion

Focus industries: Energy, enterprise, financial, health care, internet, mobile.


Tel Aviv

  • Address: 50 Ramat Yam Street, Orchid Oceanus Hotel, Herzelia 4685150
  • Phone number: +972 9 9579440


  • Address: Room 3606, China Central Place Tower 3, 77 Jianguo Road Chaoyang District, Beijing 100025, China
  • Phone number: +86 10 8447 5668

Hong Kong

  • Address: Suite 3613, 36/F, Two Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Hong Kong
  • Phone number: +852 2501 8989


  • Address: Room 2805, Plaza 66 Tower 2, 1366 Nanjing West Road, Shanghai 200040, China
  • Phone number: +86 21 6288 4222


  • Address: Sequoia Capital India Advisors, Divyashree Technopolis, 6th Floor, East Wing, Block B, 77° Town Centre, Off Hal Airport Road, Yemlur, Bengaluru 560037, India
  • Phone number: +91 0 80 412 458 80


  • Address: Sequoia Capital India Advisors, 902, Nicholas Piramal Towers, Peninsula Corporate Park, Ganpatrao Kadam Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai 400013
  • Phone number: +91 0 22 4074 7272

New Delhi

  • Address: Sequoia Capital India Advisors, The Grand Hotel, Gate 1, 1st Floor 2, Nelson Mandela Road, Vasant Kunj Phase II, New Delhi 110070
  • Phone number: +91 0 11 4956 7200


  • Address: Sequoia Capital India Advisors 6 Battery Road 19-01B Singapore 049909
  • Phone number: +65 6812 9162
1351 4th St Fl 4, 90401 Santa Monica, California

Clearstone tends to invest big in the startups they take on, with 93 investments in just 49 companies. Founder Bill Elkus isn’t above making private angel investments in projects that might not suit the fund’s goals, but that which he believes in himself.

The company has a huge network they can tap into including investors and investment firms all over the United States. JP Morgan, Moore Capital and several state funds from Michigan, Pittsburgh and California. The firm and its partners laser focus on each startup they get involved with including offering mentoring, audits, and training to startup founders and their teams. Companies Clearstone has invested in include: eToys, Overture, PayPal, United Online, MP3.com, Jump, Soonr, Games2Win, Rubicon Project, Apture, Leisure Link, Communicado, eMusic, along with a private angel investment in Glossi Ink, just to name a few.

Founded: 1998

Funds raised / currently managed: ~ $650 billion

Focus industries: Software, mobile, security.


11 Times Square, 16th Floor New York, NY 10036

IDG Ventures is a truly global venture capitalists with multiple funds dedicated to the types of investments a startup will need. They fund seed, early and multiple series of growth funds, and have offices wherever your startup might need them to be including North America, Korea, China, South East Asia and the Middle East.

They’ve helped build 220 companies and counting, and have unlimited access to valuable cross-industry data from their parent company, the International Data Group: a tech-based media company that helps them to educate their startups on how to maximize market growth most efficiently. Key investments include: Andromedia, Appboy, Baby Center, Beepi, Blue Box, Chubbies, Datanyze, Flowdock, Indiegogo, OnBeep, Olive, ParkMe, SimplyHired, Uplift, Yesware, and several others.

Founded: 2000

Funds raised / currently managed: ~3.6 billion

Focus industries: Information technology, healthcare, apps, Internet, social media, gaming, finance, payment processing.


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