588 Sutter Street, Suite 299, San Francisco, CA 94102
588 Sutter Street San Francisco California 94102 US

Founded in 2009 by experienced angel, Ronald Conway, SV Angel calls themselves a micro VC firm that does Seed, Early Stage Venture, Later Stage Venture, Equity Crowdfunding, Product Crowdfunding, Private Equity, and Debt Financing Investments. Similar to SoftTech, this firm doesn’t do hundreds of investment deals per year. They prefer to build a lasting relationship with the startups they help. SV Angel also specializing in startup advising too.

They offer this service as a compliment to those they invest with, to help build the best team and business expansion strategy possible, but also advise companies who need help yet don’t require their brand of seed funding. Ron and his team have invested and worked with several notable startups including Facebook, Google, PayPal, Dropbox, Airbnb, Pinterest, Twitter, SnapChat, Square, Cloudera, Harry’s (ecommerce shaving company), Delighted, and several others.

Founded: 2009

Funds raised / currently managed: ~ $146 billion

Focus industries: Software, mobile, consumer, marketplaces, sharing economy


23 Geary St Bldg 10, 94108 San Francisco, California 0.55 km

Global investment firm, Comcast Ventures, likely deserves a much higher ranking on this list. However, little is known about exactly how deep their pockets go. Certainly with partners like NBC Universal, the sky’s the limit if you have an idea that’s worth sinking a million – or several million into.

Currently, they’ve invested as much as $275M into a company called FanDuel back in 2015, as well as a $200M series F investment in Slack in mid-2016. They’ve also invested as little as a million dollars into smaller startups. Comcast Ventures was founded as a way for their parent company, Comcast Communications, to better use their financial resources. The company is very easy to contact and pitch your idea to through their website’s contact form, and they offer limitless resources to help get your startup off the ground. Other companies they’ve invested in include: AtScale, LiveNinja, Eight, Quantifind, Zoomdata, Hired, KeyMe, NextVR, Birchbox, FlightCar, Tastemade, YouNow, and Automatic among others.

Founded: 1999

Funds raised / currently managed: unknown

Focus industries: Mobile, Advertising, Software

Other Offices:

Santa Monica

  • Address: 1335 4th Street, 4th Floor, Santa Monica, CA 90401

New York City

  • Address: 588 Broadway, Suite 202, New York, NY 10012


  • Address: One Comcast Center, 55th Floor, 1701 John F. Kennedy Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19103-2838
300 Montgomery Street Suite 638 San Francisco, CA 94104 0.75 km

Their blog and social presence of Granite and its partners (Standish O’Grady, Chris Hollenbeck, Jackie Berterretche) make it a little easier than most venture capital firms to get in touch with. If you’re interested in seeking funding, get to know them by posting on the blog or adding the active partners to your social media. Strike up some insightful conversations, then attempt to make contact via private message, or approach them at an industry or investor trade show – after ensuring your elevator pitch is beyond reproach!

They have 148 current investments in some 81 companies, and have been a part of 6 IPOs and 34 acquisitions. Some of the fascinating products they’ve invested in include HireVue, Smule, Lucidworks, Anaplan, Marqeta, HyTrust, Telltale Games, Hobo Labs, Rewarder, Quantance, and seed stage investments in Motiv and AirPair.

Founded: 1992

Funds raised / currently managed: ~ $1 billion

Focus industries: Infrastructure software, applications, digital media, financial technology and alternative finance products.


368 Clementina St San Francisco, CA 94103 1.06 km

Spark Capital has a unique vision when it comes to moving forward with their investments. They’re a company made up of visionary people looking for visionaries to invest in. Their mission statement starts with “At Spark Capital market and model be damned — we take risks on visionary people and products that move us. We look for three things: Founder, Product, and Vision.

The traditional VC approach (Market/Model/Team) doesn’t work for us.” If you’re an entrepreneur or creator with a bold vision and the intellect to back it up, Spark may just consider taking a chance on you, proof-of-concept or no. This largish firm has a seed and investor fund allocated for investment ($450M early-stage, $375M growth-stage). They’ve invested in a number of successful ventures including, but not limited to: AdMeld, Oculus, Postmates, Slack, Tumblr, Twitter, Warby Parker, Wayfair, and Wealthfront.

Founded: 2005

Funds raised / currently managed: ~ $2 billion

Focus industries: Consumer, E-Commerce, Security, Marketplace, Media and Entertainment,Finance, Hardware, FinTech.

Other Offices:

New York City

  • Address: 51 Astor Place, 10th Floor , NYC, NY 10003
  • Phone: 917 243 4200


  • Address: 137 Newbury St, 8th Floor , Boston, MA 02116
  • Phone: 617 830 2000
217 2nd St, San Francisco 1.13 km

Founded by Harold Morgan, this fairly recent investment startup is a fairly large player in the online and mobile space. They boast over 300 startups helped to date and their reputation preceeds them into every boardroom they enter. Known for a who’s who list of Internet startups funded, their list of investments include early stage funds for Uber, Birchbox (convertible note), Kentik, Axial, Zenreach, Agari, Zendrive, Relay Networks, Troops INC, Raden, FlightCar, Fundera, Abra, and several others. The big call to action for First Round Capital is building companies from the ground up.

They prefer seed stage investments, followed by consecutive series investments to help companies grow and thrive. The company is huge on data mining and network building, and even offer a unique program for entrepreneurs called “Pitch Assist” where they help startup founders to refine their investor pitch to perfection when it comes time to seek out other investors for continued growth.

Founded: 2004

Funds raised / currently managed: ~ $633 billion

Focus industries: Software, ecommerce, advertising, mobile apps and technology.


301 Howard Street Suite 2200 San Francisco, CA 94105 United States 1.37 km

Bain capital is another firm that likes to put their money into new startups early and be there down the line when growth funds are needed. They have large pockets, yet have made around half the deals the other investors on this list have at just 224 investments in 137 companies entering the final quarter of 2016.

They typically won’t invest less than 1M in a startup, such as they did for DGraph Labs in March 2016. They will invest well into the hundreds of millions for the right company and welcome all disruptive B2B founders with an idea to contact them. They only invest in the industries listed and consider themselves experts in those areas (ie., you won’t have to educate them on why your idea’s great; they’ll likely know right away whether they’re interested or not). Notable investments include 4moms, 6sense, Ability, APImetrics, BloomReach, BMC, ChromeRiver, Clari, DGraph, DynaTrace, InfoScout, InfusionSoft, Jet, LinkedIn, Optimizely, SolarWinds, Tennis Channel, Vonage and Wrike.

Founded: 2001

Funds raised / currently managed: ~3 billion

Focus industries: B2B/Marketing Tech/Fintech/Infrastructure/SaaS for capital markets, institutions, commercial services, communications, networking, healthcare devices/supplies, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, fintech, software.

Other Offices:

Palo Alto

  • Address: 524 Hamilton Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94301, United States
  • Phone: +1 (650) 798-2500


  • Address: 200 Clarendon Street, Boston, MA 02116, United States
  • Phone: +1 (617) 516-2000
  • Fax: +1 (617) 516-2010
Two South Park Street Suite 100 San Francisco, CA 94107 1.56 km

Joel Cutler is among the list of founders heading up this billion dollar VC firm. They look for early stage companies they can fund and mentor to the highest level possible in the respective industries they operate in. They liken themselves to an accelerator/investor with a broad range of contacts available in their staff’s personal and professional networks that can help a startup achieve success.

The company boasts 7 IPOs and 62 acquisitions over the last 16 years and have 433 investments in 233 companies as of late 2016. Their portfolio includes several startups, along with many existing companies they’ve provided seed and early and late stage funding and/or debt financing deals to including: Gusto, Kayak, Stripe, Airbnb, HubSpot, DemandWare, Illumio, ClassPass, BBN, Bigcommerce, Bionx, Boxee, Brainly, Circle, Corvia Medical,, Drift, Honest Company, Flightcar, Fundbox, Jet, and more totaling around 255 companies.

Founded: 2000

Funds raised / currently managed: ~3.6 billion

Focus industries: Enterprise, consumer, venture capital, mobile, web.

Other Offices:

Palo Alto

  • Address: 564 University Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94301
  • Phone: 650-618-5900

New York

  • Address: 434 Broadway, Sixth Floor, New York, NY 10013
  • Phone: 212-775-4000


  • Address: 20 University Road, Fourth Floor, Cambridge, MA 02138
  • Phone: 617-234-7000


501 Second Street Suite 350 San Francisco, CA 94107 1.66 km

5AM makes around 10 – 15 deals per year in the in health-related industries they invest in. Looking at their deal sheet, startups who are best suited to do business with 5AM Ventures are those requiring a minimum of $10M to get their product or service off the ground and/or for a massive growth surge.

They stick close to their investments too with a total of 83 investments in just 43 companies as of late 2016. Already, they’ve been part of 7 IPOs and 9 acquisition deals. Early and late stage investments are the norm for them, as well as private equity investments for the right candidates. Some of their more impressive deals have included Bioz, Cleave Biosciences, Aprea AB, Pear Therapeutics, Millendo Therapeutics, Portal Instruments, Cidara Therapeutics, and a private equity deal in Relypsa.

Founded: 2002

Funds raised / currently managed: ~ $953 billion

Focus industries: Health and wellness, healthcare, biotech.

Other Offices:


  • Address: 200 Clarendon Street, 45th Floor, Boston, MA 02116
  • Phone: 857-305-1825
568 Brannan Street San Francisco, CA 94107 1.7 km
415 960 3000415 960 3000
415 619 3023

The bi-coastal Charles River Venture company is a big believer in investing in people over ideas. Not to say they don’t look for winning ideas (13 IPOs and 86 acquisitions to date), but after being in the investment space for over 4 years now, they know a winner always starts with good leadership and a solid team.

CRV currently holds 357 investments over 222 companies and prefers seed and early stage growth investments in fresh and/or disruptive companies set on taking over their respective tech industry niche. This company is frequently ranked among the top performing funds in the United States and has a number of key investments under their belt. Investments to date include: Zendesk, 24M, BOP.FM, Amino, Airtable, Twitter, Yammer, DataGravity, DoorDash, Udacity, Symphony Commerce, HealthIQ, Cybereason, CloudGenix, Drift, Scribd, Wave, Magnetic, and several others.

Founded: 1970

Funds raised / currently managed: ~ $1.37 billion

Focus industries: Commercial services, Internet, mobile, communications and networking, media, computer hardware, IT services, software.

Other Offices:

Palo Alto

  • Address: 300 Hamilton Avenue, 3rd Floor, Palo Alto, CA 94301
  • Phone: 650 687 5600
  • Fax: 650 687 5699


  • Address: 855 Boylston Street, 10th Floor, Boston, MA 02116
  • Phone: 781 768 6000
  • Fax: 781 768 6100
San Francisco, CA 1.8 km

AngelList was founded back in 2010 by Babak Nivi Naval Ravikant, who also created Venture Hacks. The online service is free membership site that brings investors of all kinds in touch with startup owners seeking seed – series A funds for their business.

There’s so many investors from so many walks of life that it’s hard to imagine not being able to find someone to strike a deal with that can see your vision – if it’s a good one. A number of wealthy investors and fund managers hang out on the site, including many representatives of the companies listed here.

Founded: 2010

Funds raised / currently managed: ~ $400 billion

Focus industries: Multiple industries in the Silicon Valley category of investments.


200 Townsend St, San Francisco, California 94107 1.89 km

Lowercase Capital might look small by the numbers, but this boutique VC has a long list of investments and acquisitions on their record. Over 110 investments in 90 companies should tell you their looking to support you right from the seed/startup stage to as far as you and their helpful staff of advisers can take your company.

They also specialize in acquisitions, should you be in the market to sell yours. Lowercase is a network of angels willing to invest private equity in the industries they invest in and if their Old Western-motif website is any indication, they aren’t your typical VC the likes of which are featured on the Shark Tank and other investor television shows. Investments include: AeroFS, Bee Free Honee,, Brightwheel, Crowdrise, Digital Genius, Fanbridge, Handshake, Happy Home Co., Kickstarter, Mobcrush, Next Games, Next Wine, Quirky, Stripe, Textur, and a host of other big brands that have since been acquired by other companies including Instagram and Twitter.

Founded: 2007

Funds raised / currently managed: ~ $33.5 billion

Focus industries: Curated web, advertising, ecommerce.


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