1114 Avenue of the Americas, 36th Floor New York, New York 10036
1114 6th Avenue New York New York 10036 US

Insight has operations in over 65 countries worldwide, making them the perfect fit for a foreign firm seeking investment funds from wealthy American VC firms. They may have one of the best mentorship programs in the investment industry, immediately connecting their startup managers with CEOs who have decades of experience working in their specific industry niche. They’re big on technology, so if your brand doesn’t have products that require buttons to be pushed or mouses to be clicked, Insight isn’t the right fit for you.

Companies they’ve invested in and stuck with throughout the years include Anaqua, Cartrawler, Bright Edge, 6 Waves, Skytap, Invaluable,, Yext, Vela, SpotHero, Udemy, Nextdoor, Virgin (Pulse), Flipboard, DataCore, Shopify, WorkForce Software, IndieGogo, Hootsuite, and many others. They also hold plenty of investor/investee events where you can meet and greet with industry-specific CEOs, startup owners, and investor partners.

Founded: 1995

Funds raised / currently managed: ~10 billion

Focus industries: Growth-stage software, data, Internet companies.


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