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Based out of San Francisco, Founder’s Fund is a firm dedicated to advancing human kind by investing in, and helping to mentor technology companies seeking to solve the world’s most complex problems. The founding partners includes billionaire cofounder of PayPal, Peter Thiel. Luke Nosek, Sean Parker, and Ken Howery round off the list of founders.

Founder’s Fund believes the venture capitalism is a broken system because often most firms are made up of hundreds, if not thousands of collective investors and those who manage firm funds don’t have a clear vision for the VC firm or a strong enough connection to the money allocated to invest. The money they invest is managed and closely scrutinized by the few high-profile partners in this firm. Their biggest areas of interest are in biotech, software and transportation technology. Striking a deal with them includes unlimited mentorship and access to later-stage growth funds as needed. Investments include Teckro, Zenreach, Homee, Freenome, ClearTax, ROLI, HOOKED, Asana, Neurotrack, Branch Metrics, PlanGrid, Tribogenics and many others. Like many venture firms, FF has an angel fund too called FF Angel.

Founded: 2005

Funds raised / currently managed: ~2.5 billion

Focus industries: Commercial services, media, financial services, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, software and advanced computing solutions.


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